So what’s this all about??

After being a regular commenter (as Terry L.) on Frank Turek’s great site for some time now, I’ve often thought about starting my own blog. After all, I’ve had somewhat of a reputation on that site for trying to rewrite War and Peace in a comment. Several times. On the same thread.

It finally dawned on me that by slightly altering what I write on that site,  I could be populating my own blog instead of increasing the load-time of Frank’s pages by orders of magnitude! Continue reading


Lessons from McDonaldland

Originally posted on Facebook, May 12 2009.

Today, I took my four-year-old daughter to McDonalds for lunch. After she quickly wolfed her food down, she went to play on the playground while I finished eating. Soon she was all giggles as she ran up the stairs and came sliding back down over and over.Leah

Then I heard her voice calling me. “Watch me, daddy!”, she yelled with glee as she climbed back to the top of the tower. Continue reading

The Watcher

Almost nineteen years ago, I spent one precious, sleepless night holding our firstborn baby girl all night long, thanking God for the blessing He had given to me and my wife. That night changed me forever! It’s funny how something… someone so small can instantly become such a big part of one’s life! I refused to let her go, even for a second, for as long as I could stay awake. And as she slept peacefully in my arms, I watched her. Continue reading