Lessons from McDonaldland

Originally posted on Facebook, May 12 2009.

Today, I took my four-year-old daughter to McDonalds for lunch. After she quickly wolfed her food down, she went to play on the playground while I finished eating. Soon she was all giggles as she ran up the stairs and came sliding back down over and over.Leah

Then I heard her voice calling me. “Watch me, daddy!”, she yelled with glee as she climbed back to the top of the tower.

“Here I come, daddy!”, she cried as she slid back to where I was waiting.

Over and over, she repeated the circuit, calling, “Watch me, daddy! Here I come, daddy!” as I smiled and reflected on how blessed I truly am.

And then I learned today’s lesson.

I want to live my life like that! Running full steam ahead, unashamed, even eager, for my Father to see what I’m doing at anytime as I climb this tower called life. “Watch me, daddy!”

And then when I’ve reached the top of the tower and have gone as far as I can go, I want to yell, “Here I come, daddy” as I slide back to where He is eagerly awaiting me with open arms, ready to embrace me and carry me home.

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