So what’s this all about??

After being a regular commenter (as Terry L.) on Frank Turek’s great site for some time now, I’ve often thought about starting my own blog. After all, I’ve had somewhat of a reputation on that site for trying to rewrite War and Peace in a comment. Several times. On the same thread.

It finally dawned on me that by slightly altering what I write on that site,  I could be populating my own blog instead of increasing the load-time of Frank’s pages by orders of magnitude!

In spite of what my High School and College English teachers might believe, I’ve always enjoyed writing… when I don’t have to write! I’ve never been good at keeping a regular journal. The mundanity of repetitive tasks seems to drive me insane, so if I’m assigned to write a journal entry every day, my entire being rebels against the notion! But I do enjoy the painful process of putting my thoughts down into a somewhat-coherent order.

Writing, if done correctly, is hard work! I tend to be a perfectionist when I write. Not that you can tell it by reading some of the dreck that I write, but I want my words to say precisely what I mean… no more, and no less. And when I write, my mind refuses to stay focused on the point at hand, choosing instead to rush to the point I should be making five paragraphs later. Thankfully, we live in an age that accommodates this process–I’d never be able to write massive posts using ink and paper! In fact, I’ve already ripped this paragraph apart about 5 times, moved parts of it to other places, deleted parts (and then rewritten them almost word for word)….

It’s not a very pretty process! For that reason, my posts here may be rather sporadic. I may write five posts this week, and not inflict another on you for another month. I won’t apologize for either the frequency or infrequency of my posts… but don’t think because I haven’t posted for awhile that I’ve abandoned the site, or you my loyal victims… er… readers!

For those of you kind and brave enough to read my ramblings, thank you! I thrive on discussion, and I welcome and encourage your comments, regardless of whether or not you agree with me. I’ve learned far more from those professing atheism on Frank’s site than the Christians there (with possibly the notable exception of Dr. Turek himself). I don’t run from difficult subjects, and I’m willing to defend my arguments. I only ask that, if you comment here, do so kindly, and keep it PG-13 and family-friendly. Comments are moderated, so if you’re being a meanie-weenie, don’t expect your comment to make it through. You have my commitment that I will not simply ban comments for content that opposes my point of view.

And please don’t expect me to have all the answers. This site is named “Musings” for a reason. As the subtitle says, I’m “just thinkin'” about things, and trying to learn a little about life.

This is a strange, amazing, wonderful universe we live in.  So in the words of those immortal philosophers, Calvin and Hobbes (the comic strip characters… not John and Thomas), “It’s a magical world… let’s go exploring!”


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