The Secret Is Revealed

As I posted in “So What’s This All About?”, I started writing this blog because I was spending so much time writing long posts on Frank Turek’s I’ve been known to write posts on that site that had to be posted in multiple installments because of their length. With the same effort, I could simply start my own blog.

Even after starting this blog, I’ve continued to interact with atheists and non-believers on that site. A week or so ago, I received an email from Dr. Turek. This has happened before; he has, on occasion, sent a brief email to encourage me or to acknowledge a point that I made in my posts. This time, the email contained a bit more than a virtual pat-on-the-back.

Dr. Turek has offered me the opportunity to become a blogger on Trusting that God will not open a door without equipping me to walk through it, I’ve accepted the offer. This means an instant and dramatic increase in readership… by several orders of magnitude! No pressure! I’ll be blogging alongside two men I highly respect, Dr. Turek himself, and J. Warner (Jim) Wallace, who runs the site, as well as a few others

My first post, “Do Objective Moral Truths Exist in Reality?” appears tomorrow. The frequency of my posts is not likely to change. I may post regularly for a month, and then remain silent for several more. I will most likely cross-post my articles to this site, and I will continue to post non-apologetics-related work here as well.

To my readers who are believers, I ask for your prayers. The responsibility we have as apologists to the truth cannot be overestimated. I have no desire to champion a false idea because it is appealing to me. Nor have I the desire to suppress any truth that is unappealing to me. We do service to neither the cause of Christ, nor our own credibility by fleeing the truth.

To my readers who are unbelievers, I ask for a fair hearing. I sincerely believe the words I write. While we may disagree on these issues, I simply ask that you consider the ideas presented honestly and fairly.

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